OP Group Research Foundation’s Research Group on Financial Institutions

The research group studies financial institutions. The streams led by the University of Jyväskylä and the University of Vaasa cover contemporaneous and future challenges faced by banks. Research streams led by Aalto University scholars cover topics on non-bank financial institutions, investment funds (hedge funds in particular), mutual funds, endowment funds, business development companies, and peer-to-peer funding institutions.   

The research group investigates the challenges faced by financial institutions in the context of global trends: the necessity of migrating into environmentally and socially sustainable consumption, the need to manage global exposures because of the intertwined global economy, the growing role of central banks, increasing macroprudential regulation, and many more. Group also organizes a seminar on financial institutions, relevant doctoral courses, workshops, and conferences. The research group also acquires and disseminates relevant datasets on financial institutions. Finally, the research group also aims for policy impact by developing practical implications for banks, investors, central banks, bank supervisors, and other regulators.

The Research Group